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Cookie with multiple Name

In the context of HTTP cookies, a “cookie with multiple names” typically refers to a scenario where a single cookie string contains multiple key-value pairs representing different cookies. Each key-value pair in the string represents a separate cookie, with each cookie having its own name and value.

Format of Cookies with Multiple Names:

  • Cookies with multiple names are represented as a single string containing multiple key-value pairs separated by semicolons (;).
  • Each key-value pair represents a separate cookie, with the cookie’s name and value separated by an equals sign (=).
					document.cookie = "username=John Doe;



  • In the example above, a single cookie string is being set with three separate cookies: username, language, and sessionid.
  • Each cookie is represented by a key-value pair within the string, with the cookie’s name (username, language, sessionid) followed by an equals sign (=) and its corresponding value (John Doe, en, abc123).

Reading Cookies with Multiple Names:

  • To read cookies with multiple names, you can access the document.cookie property, which returns a string containing all cookies associated with the current document.
  • You can then parse the cookie string to extract individual cookies and their respective names and values.
					let cookieString = document.cookie;
let cookies = cookieString.split("; ");

for (let cookie of cookies) {
    let [name, value] = cookie.split("=");
    console.log(`Cookie Name: ${name},
    Value: ${value}`);