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Connect Spring Cloud Config Server

To connect a Spring Cloud Config Server to a local Git repository, you’ll need to configure the server to point to the local Git repository’s file path. This is useful for development and testing environments where you may not want to use a remote Git repository. Here are the steps to achieve this:
Step 1: Set Up a Local Git Repository
  • First, create a local Git repository for storing your configuration files. You can do this by following these steps:
    1. Open a command prompt or terminal.
    2. Create a new directory for your local Git repository:
					mkdir /path/to/local-config-repo


3.Initialize a Git repository in that directory:

					cd /path/to/local-config-repo
git init


4. Create configuration files for your microservices in this directory, just like you would in a remote Git repository.

5. Add and commit your configuration files:

					git add .
git commit -m "Initial configuration files"


Step 2: Configure the Spring Cloud Config Server

Now, you need to configure your Spring Cloud Config Server to use the local Git repository:

  1. In your Spring Cloud Config Server project, open the application.properties or application.yml file.

  2. Update the spring.cloud.config.server.git.uri property to point to the local Git repository path:



Replace /path/to/local-config-repo with the actual file path to your local Git repository.

Note the file:// prefix, which tells Spring Cloud Config Server that this is a local file system path.

Step 3: Running the Config Server 

Run your Spring Cloud Config Server application, either through your IDE or from the command line. The server will start and serve configuration data from your local Git repository.

Step 4: Accessing Configuration

You can access the configuration for your microservices just as in a remote Git repository setup. Make HTTP requests to the Config Server, specifying the service and environment to retrieve configuration data.

					GET http://localhost:8888


For example:

					GET http://localhost:8888/


This request will return the configuration properties for the “my-service” microservice in the “dev” environment.

Step 5: Configure Microservices

To configure your microservices to connect to the Config Server, update their configuration to point to the Config Server URL. Follow the same steps as mentioned in the previous response.

With these steps, you can connect a Spring Cloud Config Server to a local Git repository, making it easy to manage configuration for your microservices in a development or testing environment without the need for a remote Git repository.

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