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Difference between (MSA) and (SOA)

Microservice Based Architecture (MSA)Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Microservices uses lightweight protocols such as REST, and HTTP, etc.SOA supports multi-message protocols.
It focuses on decoupling.It focuses on application service reusability.
It uses a simple messaging system for communication.It uses Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for communication.
Microservices follows “share as little as possible” architecture approach.SOA follows “share as much as possible architecture” approach.
Microservices are much better in fault tolerance in comparison to SOA.SOA is not better in fault tolerance in comparison to MSA.
Each microservice have an independent database.SOA services share the whole data storage.
MSA used modern relational databases.SOA used traditional relational databases.
MSA tries to minimize sharing through bounded context (the coupling of components and its data as a single unit with minimal dependencies).SOA enhances component sharing.
It is better suited for the smaller and well portioned, web-based system.It is better for a large and complex business application environment.

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