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Binary Search Tree


  1. Binary Search Tree
  2. Implementation of BST

Binary Search Tree

  1. A binary search tree is the most important data structure ,that enables one to search For and find an element with an average running time
    f- (n) = 0 (log2n)                                              log2 8=3
    log2 1024=10
    log2 1000=9.85
  2. Binary Search Tree is a binary tree with the value at node N is greater than every value in the left subtree of N and is less than every value in the right subtree of N.Unless ,explicitly said ,BST doesn’t
    allow duplicate value


  • node
  •  Insertion
  • Traversing
  •  search
  •  Deletion


  • class node
    private node left;
    private int item;
    private node right;
    getters & setters