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Doubly Circular Linked List

Doubly Circular Linked List

  • A doubly circular linked list is a type of linked list in which each node has references to both the next and previous nodes, and the last node points back to the first node, forming a circular structure in both directions.
  • Below is an example implementation of a doubly circular linked list in Java:

Representation Of The Node In A Doubly Circular Linked List

					struct node  
  int data;  
  struct node *next;  
 struct node *prev;   

Key Points

  1. Not utilizing next and prev pointers in DLL
  2. Circular doubly linked list
  3. Node
  4. Insertion and deletion

Not Utilizing Next & Prev References In DLL

Doubly Circular Linked List


					class node
node prev;
int item;
node next;

Insertion In DCLL

Deletion In DCLL